Design of a system of guide rollers with a drive, together with documentation of the installation of rollers, intended to enable the vehicle to move on railway tracks with a rail gauge of 1600 mm, which includes:

  • set of driven rollers – front,
  • set of driven rear guide rollers
  • hydraulic system for raising and lowering roller units,
  • hydraulic system for pressing the intermediate rollers to the road wheels,
  • automatic towing hooks (Rockinger),
  • vehicle anchoring system to railway rails.

Design and production of a control system (control box and software) for additional devices mounted on the excavator, such as:

  • drive rollers,
  • intermediate rollers with the function of anchoring the vehicle to the railway rails,
  • control of selected excavator hydraulic circuits,
  • control of proportional valves for operating hydraulic tools mounted on the excavator arm.

Design and production of cable harnesses to support modernization devices.

Modernization of the operator’s cabin (to a two-person cabin).

The forces for drive and braking are transferred via idler rollers and chain gears, from the excavator’s road wheels to the guide rollers. Road wheels have no contact with railway rails.