Control and diagnostic systems

We develop vehicle control systems, primarily electric or diesel-electric traction vehicles, including the following processes:

  • software engineering of rail vehicle control systems,
  • design and installation of control systems in rail vehicles,
  • participation in vehicle launch and operation tests.
  • Design in accordance with TSI LOC &PAS, IRIS, ISO 9001.

Our broadly understood wagon diagnostics allows for flexible adaptation to the customer’s needs and requirements. Thanks to the use of network technologies and transmission protocols between devices. We control the operation of individual systems and entire sets of devices.

The use of wagon diagnostics allows you to reduce the vehicle’s downtime during a breakdown, and thus reduce vehicle downtime losses.


The technologies we, use allow us to analyze the condition of the wagon not only locally, but also by using WTB technology, it is possible to analyze signals coming from the entire train.

Thanks to the ability to collect errors from individual devices, diagnostics can report faults or failures of a given vehicle.


An important aspect introduced in vehicle diagnostics is access to service functions.

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