Railway Vehicles


We create novel mobility comfort as we see to all travel-related details. Our interior design, fittings and wagon body construction are employed by rolling stock manufacturers and modernization workshops.

Enhancement of Maintenance Technology

New methods

We form directions and methods for improvement of vehicle maintenance systems.

Performance Increase

We focus on lowering the maintenance cost and increasing availability and reliability of rolling stock.


We provide maintenance specification sheets & instructions, implement new processes and technologies for all kinds of railway vehicles.


Our activity supports carriers, entities in charge of maintenance (ECMs) as well as rolling stock manufacturers.

Control & IT Solutions

Modern railway uses advanced supportive tools for vehicle diagnostics and maintenance planning. We develop and implement supportive systems for rolling stock maintenance as well as create control & diagnostic systems for railway vehicles of all kinds.

Research & Development

Current R&D activities

Together with Military Technical University in Warsaw we are running the project “Series of shunting locomotives equipped with configurable and modular propulsion system”. The project has been co-financed by National Centre for Research and Development.



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